We look for part time jobs in Drogheda Co Louth

The Irish economy may not be in the best of shapes right now, but there are some glimmers of hope starting to appear on the horizon for anyone searching for work in Ireland these days. While the amount of full time job vacancies available may still be in decline, something that's not being helped by the fact that many companies are still questioning their long term future in the country, there are an ever increasing number of part time jobs in Drogheda Co Louth appearing, which spells good news for the job hunter.

While these positions are mainly in the retail sector, and tend to be fairly low paying sales assistant or cashier based jobs, it is still a good sign, and it means that anyone who desperately needs to get back into the work force will have something to aim for at long last. You can expect to make between €9.20 and €9.70 per hour from these jobs, depending on the store and your level of prior experience, but this is much better than spending your days sitting on the couch at home waiting for the phone to ring about those countless job applications you've sent in in the past few months.

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding work in Drogheda, we recommend you focus on the major retail areas around the town. Scotch hall is one of the most popular shopping centres in the Louth area, so that represents an excellent place to start. As well as Scotch Hall, you've also got Drogheda Retail Park and the M1 Retail Park to consider.


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