Tips to find part time jobs in Donegal

Part time jobs in Donegal are a good way to make some extra cash while you are studying or working at another job. Here are some useful tips when looking for part time jobs in Donegal...

  • Put together a good CV. To really optimise your CV, you might want to seek professional advice. The end result is often worth it. Most students don't have a lot of work experience, so it can be useful to get an expert opinion on what angle to take. Make sure your CV is targeted to the employers who receive it.
  • Networking can be a useful way to make contacts. Let your relatives, friends and lecturers know that you are looking for work and ask for their advice and guidance. Make an effort to stay in touch with your contacts and ask if they have heard about any opportunities.
  • Retail is always a good place to look for casual and part time work. Retail is one of the largest industries in Donegal employing almost 20% of the working population. Spar and Tesco are two of the largest retailers in Donegal, offering a number of employment options and career prospects. They often have a number of entry level positions that suit students.
  • Hospitality is another sector that offers a number of employment opportunities in Donegal which are part time. Common jobs include bartenders, waiters, cooks and kitchen hands. Because of the relatively high turnover in this sector there is almost always a good demand for new staff.


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