Speed up your search for part time jobs in Cork today

it's practically impossible for anybody has been living in Ireland and any stage in the last three years to escape the brunt of the media coverage of Ireland's current financial climate. Not only does the media delight in bringing us all very latest bad news from across Europe, but also appears that they like nothing better than telling us just how few jobs available out there, anywhere in the Irish market.

No matter how experienced you are if you pay any attention to the coverage both national and local media it's very likely that you'll have given up on your job search before you've even given it a chance to start properly. In order to avoid this situation, we have a number of recommendations that can really speed up your job search for part time jobs in Cork.

As you might well be aware, the majority of jobs available anywhere in Ireland right now tend to be within the retail sector. This may come as a surprise to those of you who have read that Irish people now have less disposable income then at any other time since the Celtic Tiger started in the mid-90s.

in order to find these retail positions, you're going to need to print off multiple copies of the latest CV and head out into your local area in order to hand them in the management staff of any particular store that takes your fancy.

While this approach will undoubtedly result in many more failures than successes, it's worth noting that the fact that you are getting out there and meeting potential employers could you're much better chance of being successful in your search.

If you are unsure about where exactly to look for these retail jobs, we recommend that you take a look at the likes of the Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Merchants Quay Shopping Centre and Douglas Shopping Centre.


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