Are you looking for part time jobs in Colchester, UK?

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For a long time there was a shortage of part time jobs in Colchester, UK. Thankfully, the economy is improving and more new jobs are available again. Finding the latest part time jobs will require you to be patient and possibly work in an area that you have no experience in.


Retail is an extremely popular industry among part time workers. You usually don't need too much experience to find a job and the hours of work suit most people. The Lions Walk Shopping Centre is worth visiting.

You will find a selection of well known fashion outlets including Next and River Island. Marks and Spencers is also in the centre and they regularly require extra part time staff. If technology is more your thing, then apply to the Apple store or Phones 4u. Retail jobs pay anything from the national minimum wage up to £7 per hour in the UK.


Colchester is a vibrant city that has loads of places to eat, drink and sleep. You could apply to some hotels for part time work. They need receptionists, cleaners and food and drink staff to work part time, especially at the weekend. You could also apply to any of the bars and clubs in the area. Working in a bar in Colchester could earn you up to £6.50 per hour or slightly more in a busier nightclub. There are also dozens of cafes, restaurants and take-aways around to find work in. Take a walk through the town centre and you will be surprised at the amount of opportunities you will find.

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