We take a look at where to find part time jobs in Colchester, Essex

There are a huge number of websites out there for people to search for jobs across the United Kingdom, and although most of them offer much the same by way of services, it can still be a tough job narrowing down which sites you're going to use for your own job search, particularly while looking for part time jobs in Colchester, Essex.

The part time market is a very different one to the full time or permanent job one. Firstly, previous work experience isn't quite as important a factor in getting a part time job, since employees realise that people applying for part time work are either students yet to complete their education program, or people who cannot work more than a few days a week for whatever reason. Because of these two main factors, it is tough for anyone to build up an impressive CV of work experience based on such limited exposure to the employment market.

For this reason, the focus is mainly placed on personality, ability to interact with others and skills such as punctuality, trustworthiness and ability to learn on the job. Most part time jobs seem to be based in the retail industry however - one sector where many students do have some experience - so you'll be able to gain a slight advantage over your peers should you have even moderate experience in a similar role.

In terms of searching for the jobs themselves, you should check out some of the sites specialising in both part time work and the Essex region in particular, some of our suggestions include e4s.co.uk, gazette-news.co.uk/jobs, totaljobs.com and localrecruit.com.

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