We take a look at the availability of part time jobs in Canvey

Now that the full time job market has started to improve a little throughout the United Kingdom, many people are finding that the level of competition in the part time job market is subsiding a little, making it a touch easier to find a part time job suitable for your qualifications and needs.

There are many job sites that cater for anyone searching for part time jobs in Canvey these days, but may people find that the number of full time job listings can make it tricky to find them. When using some of the more popular job sites like ukjobsnet.com, fish4.co.uk, jobsite.co.uk or reed.co.uk it's vitally important that you search in the following way.

In the "key words" section, you should always enter "part time", including the inverted commas. This means that you'll only find results that include the phrase "part time" within them, immediately making it an awful lot easier to find the type of work you desire. In the "location" section, simply type in "Canvey" and you'll find a comprehensive listing of all the part time jobs in the Canvey area, making your life an awful lot easier.

There are alternatives to these sites that cater specifically for part time jobs though. It's worth checking out uktemps.co.uk, findmeparttimejobs.co.uk and partttimevacancies.com to see what they have on offer for Canvey at any given time.

As the biggest employers of part time staff in the area, Morrisons and Londis are a great place to look for casual retail work. They are always on the look out for flexible, hungry part time staff to supplement their core of full time workers, so by getting a CV in to the store managers you'll have a great chance of getting yourself a job in no time at all.

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