Get in on the act with part time jobs in Burton on Trent

Burton on Trent is best known for it's brewing heritage. At it's peak the town housed over 12 breweries and at the moment is home to five, namely, Coors Brewers Ltd., Burton Bridge Brewery, Marstons plc., Tower Brewery and Cottage Brewery. These breweries are major employers in the area and provide part time jobs in Burton on Trent.

Hand in hand with the brewing you will find a thriving tourist industry. Part time jobs can be found in many of the pubs, bars and night clubs in the town. There is also work to be found in theme and water parks, ski centres and historical sites.

East Staffordshire Borough Council advertises part time jobs from cleaners to park wardens on it's website. They also run The Brewhouse Theatre in the town. You can search for jobs, register for job alerts  and apply online.

Other businesses in Burton on Trent include Unilever, who have a Marmite factory in the town. There are also a number of shopping centres including Cooper Square, Octagon Centre and a new shopping spot has been added off Guild Street.

Large retail outlets located in the town include Tesco, Matalan and Aldi. Jobseekers can pick up an application form in any of these stores.

Local newspapers, jobsites, community notice boards, shop windows, job centres and radio stations are all excellent job seeking tools. Individuals can also apply directly to businesses in which they have an interest.

Sites such as local.yahoo.com and freeindex.co.uk have information and contact details of businesses for people seeking part time jobs in Burton on Trent.


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