Find the best part time jobs in Bedford here

Finding part time jobs in Bedford can be tough at the best of times. A severe downturn in the economy has resulted in a major shortage of jobs. Thankfully, things are now improving and if you follow our advice, you will find it much easier securing your next job.

Before you apply to any jobs, have you checked that your CV is still up to date? You need to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Any experience you have listed should be relevant to the jobs you are applying for. Now that your CV is looking fresh, it's time to find the latest part time jobs in Bedford.

Recruitment agencies are a great way of finding lots of vacancies, throughout a range of different industries. You simply need to drop in with a copy of your CV and have a chat to a recruitment specialist. They will want to find out everything about your previous working experience so be prepared for this. They will match your skills with the requirements of any vacancies and if there is a match, you will be offered an interview. Some of Bedford's most reputable agencies include:

  • Shepherd Stubbs, 54 St. Loyes Street, Bedford
  • 1st Choice Recruitment, 8 St. Loyes Street, Bedford
  • Placing People, 70 St. Loyes Street, Bedford

You might also choose to simply walk through town and apply to places that interest you. Make sure you check out Harpur shopping centre at 100 Horne Lane and The Olde Watermill shopping village on Faldo Road.


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