Everything you need to know to find part time jobs in Basildon, Essex

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There are loads of reasons why you might be looking for a part time job. Perhaps you are a student who needs to earn some extra cash to put towards your fees or maybe you already have a full time career but need a second earner. Whatever you reason, you should do the following to give you the best chances of finding part time jobs in Basildon, Essex.

  1. Ensure your CV is looking its best - A well presented CV is vital to secure an interview. If there are any mistakes on your CV, don't expect to get a call for an interview. Also, ensure that any experience you have on it is related to the job you are applying for. One last thing: make sure your CV is no more than two pages long.
  2. Find job advertisements - You should check the local newspapers to see what you can find. The Basildon Recorder often have a number of vacancies in the classifieds section. Local radio stations will also advertise jobs throughout the day. You could check out some websites to see what is available. Some of the best in the area include jobsinessex.com and totaljobs.com.
  3. Apply to local shops - If you are applying to local shops, make sure you are well presented and prepared before asking for a manager. Always be prepared for an immediate interview. The Eastgate Shopping Centre is a great place to leave some CVs into. Also check out the bars and clubs in the area. They regularly need part time staff to work evenings and weekends.

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