Don't waste time looking for part time jobs in Basildon

Finding work is hard enough without wasting countless hours searching dead end leads for potential employment opportunities. Instead, if pays to put some preparation and foresight into your job search to make sure that you make the best possible use of your time. While this might sound like basic common sense, you would be very surprised at how few people actually do it in reality.

The main problem is that it's just so easy to log onto a job site online and randomly apply for jobs that you don't even have any interest in taking up. It's something that all of us have probably done at one stage or another, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

When you're looking for part time jobs in Basildon, the first thing you need to do is figure out what industry you would prefer to work in. You've got two main choices if you want to get back into work as quickly as possible; clerical and retail.

Retail jobs rarely require any sort of qualification or work experience, although the latter can help. There are also plenty of positions available on a part time basis in shopping centres all across Basildon, however the pay is usually £5.93 per hour, and the work hours can be a little antisocial sometimes.

Should you opt for clerical work, the wages are much better (usually between £7.20 and £8.48 per hour) there are a number of excellent recruitment agencies in the area that we recommend you take a look at in order to really speed up your hunt for work;

  • Drake International, 1 Eastgate Business Centre
  • A1 Personnel, Acorn House, Great Oaks
  • Brook Street, 71 Southernhay
  • Premier Work Support, 11 East Square
  • 24-7 Response, Cornwallis Business Centre


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