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A large number of people need to earn some extra cash by working part time hours. Maybe you have a full time career but need some extra cash to make ends meet or perhaps you are a student who needs help funding your studies. Whatever the reason, we are going to take a look at where you can find the latest part time jobs in Halesowen.

Halesowen has over 30 pubs in the area. Working as a bar person can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Nearly all pubs require part time staff to help with the running of the business. Part timers are required to work mostly evenings and weekends when the bars are busier.

Being a bar person isn't as straight forward as you might think. As well as serving customers and making sure they are happy, there are many other things that need to be looked after. Stocking shelves, keeping areas clean and ensuring numerous laws are adhered to are all part of the day to day duties of a bar person.

As a part time bar person in Halesowen, you could expect to earn anything from £5.50 in a small local bar to £7.50 per hour in a larger disco bar or club.

To find the latest part time bar jobs in Halesowen, you should check out your local newspapers or radio stations. Simply calling in to the bars during the day time is also a good way to find a bar job as most bar managers tend to be working during the day.

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