Part time jobs for teens

Do you need more spending money so you can head out to the mall with your friends or go to the cinema on the weekends? For teens that want to get out of the house and earn a bit of cash, or even start saving, here are a few ideas of part time jobs for teens.

Work Possibilities

There are numerous part time jobs for teens that are available, but a lot depends on your interests and personality. For those that are very focused and have a career path already in mind, talk to your counsellor at school and see if he/she can reccomend any places to do an internship. These are usually unpaid, but they provide invaluable skills and connections. This is also a great addition for your resume.

Extra money

If you just want to make some extra pounds and enjoy interacting with people, look into retail work. These jobs would teach you useful transferable skills, such as customer service skills, working cash registers, keeping track of inventory, and much more. And you have the chance to constantly interact with people.

Another social job would be working in the food industry. Drop off your resume at local restaurants and see if they need any part-time help.

Teens that enjoy being outside and are strong swimmers should try lifeguarding for a summer. Look into the requirements needed for this position firs though. Dog-walking is another active job that still involves useful responsibilities.

A few more classic jobs would be lawn mowing, baby sitting, car washing, and delivering newspapers. For those that excel in certain subjects at school, try tutoring a few people.

If you enjoy being around young children and want to develop your leadership skills, look into becoming a camp counsellor. This would involve becoming a strong communicator and mentor.

Start Applying

Finding the perfect part time jobs for teens is probably not out there. But nonetheless these jobs will give you a bit of spending cash. Simply create a resume, drop it off at local shops and businesses and follow up on them. Also, depending on your age, double check how many hours you can legally work.

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