Looking for part time bar jobs for students in London?

If you are looking for part time bar jobs for students in London there are many things you can do to ensure you find a part time job. Looking for jobs in bars are usually the best way to go because the pay is usually decent and tips go a long way also.

Bars are usually shift work so fitting shifts around your studying is usually easy, some offer live in jobs and also bars as part of a chain usually have a higher turnover of staff because of internal promotions so jobs going there could be quite regular. Unfortunately if you don’t have experience you are at a huge disadvantage, but stick at it, you will find something.

Look for them all over, check newspapers, bars, online job sites, Gumtree is a must and agencies. Gumtree is a fantastic place to look because advertising for jobs costs money, because Gumtree is free it is a good place to advertise jobs and many people look there also. Check the bars you would want to look at don’t be scared to walk in and ask a bar man or waiter if they are looking for staff because many people do it and most will take your CV and hold it for openings or they might inform you of an opening and you could speak with the manager. Do not go in and ask during busy periods (lunch time, dinner time or during big football or rugby matches) because staff will be busy and might just take a CV and forget it and not appreciate the distraction, go during quiet periods when you could spend time and talk to them and maybe talk to a manager.

Working in a restaurant bar generally receives more tips but the shift work is less flexible due to opening hours and things. So if you can afford less flexibility look for restaurant bar jobs and to be honest can be easier and less of a headache than working in a lounge, nightclub or sports bar.

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