Find the hottest part time jobs for students in Pretoria

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Pretoria is one of South Africa's leading academic cities. There are colleges and universities in almost every part of this huge city. Being a student isn't as easy as what people make it out to be. Rent, bills, fees and books are all rather expensive and can mean the student needs to work to make ends meet. There are a number of part time jobs for students in Pretoria.

Before you even apply to a job, you need to ensure that your CV is up to date. Check that your personal details haven't changed and make sure that your education and exam results are up to date. We suggest that your CV is never more than two pages long. Now it is time to find suitable work!

Retail has always been popular with students. This could be due to the reasonable opening hours of shops and shopping centres compared to that of bars, clubs or restaurants.

Pretoria isn't shy of a few shopping centres and you can find dozens of them scattered around the city. One of the best centres to find part time work in is the Kolonnade Centre.

The Kolonnade Centre has nearly 150 shops and restaurants. There are a number of audio and electrical shops, fashion outlets and supermarkets in the centre.

There is also a bowling alley, ice skating rink, Viva Bingo and a racing track at the centre. As you can imagine, part time vacancies are available all year round.

To find the latest part time jobs for students in Pretoria at the Kolonnade Centre, simply visit their website at kolonnadecentre.co.za.

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