Tips for finding part time jobs for mums

The first step in finding a part time job for mums is to decide how much time can be spent working. Finding responsible child care often dictates how flexible working hours will be. After childcare is found, start looking for part time jobs that earn the desired wage after deducting child care costs and transportation expenses.

Many mothers have had extended periods of time where they were not working. Most employers want to know why there are large gaps where there was no activity. Employers are not always looking to see that paid work was done. In fact volunteer work of any kind is acceptable to list under the experience section of a CV.

List the duties of the volunteer position, and the amount of time that position was held. List any skills learned during that time volunteering. If lapses in employment were due to receiving more education list the program details on the CV. Include University courses, online classes, technical schools, and any paid course that was taken.

Large periods of time that were spent taking care of a family is normal. See that gap as a season in life, it does not reflect negatively on your ability to handle a part time job. When writing a CV, focus on all aspects of work that were done. Raising children or taking care of elderly family members are valid reasons to have blank spaces on a CV. One or two sentences regarding families duties is enough.

Women with skills in more than one area may have two separate CVs. For example, if a recent degree in computer science was received, but there are years of experience in sales, have a separate cover letter template and industry specific CV.

Good luck finding those part time jobs for mums!


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