Find part time jobs in East Lothian, Scotland, today

East Lothian is one of the council areas in Scotland and there are employment opportunities in a wide range of towns and villages here. Part time jobs in East Lothian are readily available in the retail, hospitality and admin industries.

The best place to search for part time jobs in East Lothian is with job search websites. Some of the bigger jobs sites, including Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed, give you free access to hundreds of part time vacancies in East Lothian.

The only thing you need to do before applying for any of the vacancies you come across is upload a current CV. Many employers and recruitment agencies in East Lothian use these sites when they're looking for staff, and with a professional CV on the website, there's every chance they'll come calling for you.

It's also a good idea to register for email alerts of new vacancies that become available in East Lothian. Many part time positions in retail, hospitality and admin require people to start working immediately, and email alerts are the best way of preparing for this.

And don't be afraid to get out and search for jobs in the real world. The Cheque Centre in East Lothian's largest town, Musselburgh, is just one of a number of options for job seekers looking for part time jobs in retail. Use the Yellow Pages to find hotels and businesses in the area that may require part time staff. Most part time positions in these industries pay staff the minimum wage.


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