Everything you need to know to find part time jobs in Dundee

For a long time, there has been a severe shortage of new jobs coming onto the market. Thankfully, things are slowly starting to improve and you can now find part time jobs in Dundee if you look in the right places.

Before you apply to any jobs, you need to have a look at your CV and make sure that none of your personal details have changed. You should also double check that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes as potential employers won't take too kindly if there are mistakes.

When searching for part time jobs in Dundee, you should make use of recruitment agencies. Simply drop into them with a copy of your CV, register with them and have a chat to one of their experienced recruitment specialists who will compare your skills to that required by any vacancies they have available. Some of the most reputable agencies in Dundee include:

  • Search Consultancy - 5 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee
  • Brook Street - 53 Reform Street, Dundee
  • Key Personnel - 26 East Dock Street, Dundee
  • Adecco - 21 Albert Square, Dundee

You should also try the old fashioned route of finding a job and simply take a walk through the city of Dundee, armed with a bunch of CVs and drop them into as many places as you possibly can in the hope of getting a call for interview in the near future. Be sure to drop into some of the bigger shopping centres such as:

  • Overgate shopping centre
  • Wellgate shopping centre
  • The Forum shopping centre
  • Spring Hill mall


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