We can help you to find part time jobs in Coventry

When searching for work of any kind in the United Kingdom there are a number of things that you can do in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success. The first of these things is to ensure that you utilise your local knowledge in order to figure out which industries are the most likely to find work within. After all, there's no point looking for a job where there aren't any jobs to be found; all that does is waste your valuable time.

When it comes to finding part time jobs in Coventry you'll stand the best chance of success if you put all your focus on the part time retail sector. With so many stores and retailers to be found in the area it's not surprising that there are so many part time positions available.

You'll also need to decide which kind of retail work you're looking for. While the majority of the positions will see you working as either a cashier or stacking shelves, whether you work in a supermarket or within a traditional outlet will have a huge bearing on how much money you can potentially make from your part time role.

For example, if you choose to work in a supermarket you'll be able to take advantage of the longer opening hours in order to work more hours per week, while still retaining part time status. While if you wanted to work in a more specialised retail outlet you would be able to pick a store that suited your personal interests, potentially making the work an awful lot more enjoyable - even if you do run the risk of not being able to find a suitable position.

Whichever decision you make, this list of major retail hot spots should come in handy;

  • Sainsburys, 24-26 Trinity Street
  • Waitrose, Motorway Services Area, M6, Coventry
  • Sainsburys, Austin Drive
  • Costcutter, 126 Far Gosford Street
  • Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre, 270 Harnall Lane East
  • West Orchards Shopping Centre, Smithford Way
  • Lower Precinct Shopping Centre, Lower Precinct

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