Where to find part time jobs in Co Dublin

Are you interested in finding part time jobs in Co Dublin? As the most populous county in Ireland, there are plenty of opportunities available to anyone who knows where to look. So just where do you start, and where are the best places to find part time Dublin jobs?

While full time jobs are often based in out of town business parks, the vast majority of part time jobs are based in centrally located areas, like Dublin city centre, shopping centres and suburban high streets. This is because part time jobs are heavily concentrated in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Another quirk of part time jobs is that it often isn't advertised online or in traditional media in the same way that full time jobs are advertised. This is because due to the nature of the work, employers are unwilling or unable to shell out for the high costs of advertising part time vacancies.

Your best bet for finding part time jobs is therefore to call into shops, restaurants, bars or other establishments that you would like to work in and hand in a copy of your CV. You should also prepare cover letters to explain who you are and what type of work and hours you are looking for - in case you don't get to talk to the manager. Talking to the manager is, however, preferable, because you'll get the opportunity to make an impression and you'll stand a better chance of being remembered than faceless applicants. Try to call in at a quiet period when there's more chance of the manager being available to chat.


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