How to find the best part time jobs in Carlow

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Carlow is a lively little town with two third level colleges in the area. Where there are colleges, there are students looking for part time work. Carlow has no shortage of part time vacancies at the moment and finding part time jobs in Carlow can be relatively easy if you simply know where to find them.

If you want to find the latest job advertisements you check out the local weekly newspaper, The Carlow People. Vacancies can often be found from some of the smaller companies in the area. Local radio stations like Beat FM also have bulletins throughout the day with some great jobs advertised on air.

Carlow has loads of busy bars and clubs in the area that are open late every night of the week. You might find it useful to apply to these bars individually. Simply turn up with a CV and have a chat with the manager to see what they have available. The Foundry and The Temple are two very busy nightclubs in Carlow where you could easily pick up a job for working nights or weekends.

You could also check some of the shopping centres in the area. The Fairgreen Centre has loads of fashion outlets, places to eat, a cinema and a 24 hour Tesco store. Take a walk around with an armful of CVs and hand them into anywhere that is of interest to you.

You could also check out some job websites for part time jobs in Carlow. Some of the best include parttimejobs.ie and nixers.com.


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