A guide to finding part time jobs in Burton on Trent

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Are you currently looking for part time jobs in Burton on Trent? Full time positions don't suit everybody as for many reasons you may be limited with the amount of hours you can work each week.

Part time jobs usually include working less than 25 hours per week. These hours can be split into 2 or 3 full day's work or simply working shortened days such as early morning or late evening shifts. Keep in mind that many part time jobs in Burton on Trent will also include weekend work.

So now that you understand how a part time job works you have to get your first interview! The easiest way to find out about part time jobs in Burton on Trent is by simply picking up a local newspaper. The Burton Mail is an excellent newspaper for vacancies. You will find the listings in the classifieds section towards the back of the newspaper.

You always have the option of taking a look online for the most recent job offers. Sites such as fish4.co.uk, jobsite.co.uk and indeed.co.uk have all proven to be extremely useful when job hunting.

You could also take the old fashioned route and simply drop into some local businesses prepared with your CV, cover letter and a friendly manner. Not all business owners advertise their positions so this could pay off for you in the end!

We hope this article helps with your search for part time jobs in Burton on Trent.

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