We look at how to find part time jobs in Beaconsfield

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Finding part time jobs in Beaconsfield can be very difficult unless you are properly prepared and know where to look. Working part time is a great way to earn some extra cash. Millions of people in the UK have part time jobs, many of these are in the retail and hospitality industries as there is little or no experience required to get a job.

Your CV

Before you start looking for work, make sure your CV is looking its best! Check that your personal details are still the same and that it is free from any mistakes or gaps. Have a dedicated section for your education details and another one to list your previous work experience related to the job. Your CV should never be longer than two pages.

Finding Jobs

There are loads of places to find the latest part time jobs in Beaconsfield. Using as many of the following will help you find the latest position.

  • Local newspapers and radio stations
  • Job recruitment websites
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Your local job centre
  • Word of mouth

Interview Preparation

When you have applied to the jobs that interest you, you just need to sit back and wait for your phone to ring. When it does, be ready for the call. Be polite, speak slowly and listen very carefully. You only get one shot at an interview so make sure you do the best job that you can.

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