If you're looking for part time jobs in Basildon then we can help

Like most places in the United Kingdom, your best chance of finding part time jobs in Basildon will come from within the retail industry. Even if you've got no previous experience it should be possible to get your foot in the door with one of the many retail outlets in the area.

Experience, while being important in most jobs, isn't quite as big a deal for part time workers. You'll be able to pick things up on the job, and since you'll only be doing a few hours a week, most employers are happy to let you be eased into things. Although it must be said that the majority of your responsibilities within an entry level retail position can be learned in pretty short order.

Most of the available jobs within the retail sector in Basildon are entry level roles as sales assistants. While we're sure you have a rough idea of what this entails, there may be some things that you didn't expect involved in the role.

For example, not only will it be your job to serve customers, but you'll also have to ensure that the store is clean and tidy, that all displays are professionally maintained, that the cash floats for your shift are correct, that you report all problems that may arise to management, and much more.

There's far more to it than the £5.93 per hour minimum wage pay would suggest, however once you have your foot in the door it may be possible for your to advance to a managerial position down the line.

If you aren't sure of where to look for part time jobs in Basildon, we recommend you check out these local shopping hot spots;

  • Eastgate Business Centre, Basildon
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon
  • Laidon Shopping Centre, Basildon


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