Searching for part time jobs available in Thetford

There are many types of part time jobs available in Thetford as nearly every industry offers part time jobs at one time or another. Especially during difficult economic times, like recently, it is often necessary for employers to cut back on worker’s hours. Or, as is normally the case, sometimes a particular position simply doesn’t warrant a full time employee.

The Types of Part Time Positions Available

Part time jobs are available nearly all the time and they are in most every field. Based on your skills, experience, and the number of hours you wish to work, you will almost certainly find a job that suits you. There are part time jobs in fast food restaurants, sales, driving, fundraising, charity work, community work, home care assistant, nursing, electricians, plumbers, teachers, customer support, graphic design, secretary, receptionist, cleaners, greeting card merchandisers and even dentists.

How to Find Job Listings

When looking for part time work, you can always start looking in the newspapers and simply take your CV to local businesses to ask if they are hiring. These days a majority of employers list their job openings on the internet at websites such as monster.com and careerbuilder.com. Many also list positions with job recruitment agencies as this saves them some money in the upfront screening process. Contact several agencies and file your CV with them. They will have a wider assortment of job listings than you would be able to find on your own. Check in with TotalEmployment, Recroot, mynorfolkjobs.co.uk and thetford-job.co.uk.

What Salary to Expect

Your salary will depend, of course, on the type of position you are hired for. Merchandisers start at £6.35 an hour, whereas part time fund raising and charity work can bring in £25,800 per annum. Receptionists earn £12,330 to £17,600, retail advisors £12,375 to £15,250, cleaners £12,265 to £15,160 and nurses earn £25,000 to £30,000. The part time jobs available in Thetford can provide a great way to earn an income when you don’t have a lot of time to devote to a full working week.


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