Looking in the right places for part time jobs Athlone

Designated as a 'gateway town' to the Irish Midlands, along with Mullingar and Tullamore, Athlone is handily placed for part time job opportunities in a variety of sectors.

The economy of the region is boosted by industry, with companies such as Ericsson, Tyco, Elan and Athlone Extrusions having plants in the area. The local council estimates that state agencies, such as the Athlone Mail Centre (one of only four in Ireland), employ around 3,000 people, making them a useful source of possible part time jobs in Athlone.

Tourism is a key part of the local economy, and job seekers should bear in mind that work relating to the catering and hotel trade is a great source of part time and seasonal vacancies.

Local Press

One of the first places any job seeker should look is the local paper. Part time and full time vacancies are advertised in local press, and in a small town like Athlone are often the best source of news about jobs.

The Athlone Advertiser is a good place to start, with the paper's online edition being found at Advertiser.ie/athlone.

The Westmeath Independent is another local newspaper which carries a full range of jobs vacancies, part time and otherwise. This paper lists its jobs vacancies online at Westmeathindependent.ie/jobs.


The Irish post office, An Post, is a large employer in the region. However, part time opportunities could be limited, apart from certain seasons of the year. Nevertheless, An Post remains a useful potential source and its vacancies and lengthy application processes can be viewed online at Anpost.ie/AnPost.

The local council can also be a source of part time work in a variety of roles, especially in a town where the state remains such a large employer. Information about the employment services operated by the council can be found at Athlone.ie/udc, where users can also find additional details about the educational institutions in the area.

Websites and Agencies

One agency is Collins MacNicholas, based at 9A, Inish Carraig Business Centre, Golden Island Road in Athlone. More details can be found at Collinsmcnicholas.ie/jobsinathlone.

Another agency is Fostu, situated at 18 Sean Costello Street in Athlone. More details can be found at Athlone.ie/business-directory.

Tourist Industry

Tourism remains an important economic sector all over Ireland, and places such as hotels, restaurants and bars are a fine source of part time job opportunities.

Visiting venues in person is to be recommended in this case. Catering is an industry which often relies upon word of mouth, especially to fill seasonal and part time roles, and actually going to places and speaking to managers in person can be fruitful. Job seekers should make sure that they have an up-to-date CV available.

A directory of likely employers in the tourist sector can be found online at Athlone.ie/accommodation and Athlone.ie/business-directory/food-drink, where full contact details for many potential employers in this important sector are listed.

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