We check out some opportunities for part time jobs at Westfield Stratford

With the retail sector slowly but surely starting to show improvement throughout the United Kingdom, there has arguably never been a better time in the last three years to start looking for retail based employment opportunities. If you live in Stratford, then you'll no doubt be aware that the latest Westfield shopping centre is set to open its doors to locals in September of 2011.

With more than three hundred stores set to fill the mammoth space of the giant shopping centre, there will be thousands of jobs available in the very near future. As it is, more than three thousand people have already played a part in building the shopping centre itself, from brick layers to electricians to plumbers to network specialists, and this is a trend that looks set to continue once construction has been completed.

By checking out the official Westfield website, you'll be able to register your interest in working at the shopping centre before the job listings start appearing later on this summer. You can find that site at uk.westfield.com/stratfordcity/community/jobs-training today.

In total, there is expected to be more than three hundred and fifty different employers seeking staff for the project, across a wide range of industries that include retail, leisure and hospitality. If you've got previous experience in any of these sectors then you'll be in a great position to find yourself work, either full time or part time.

For part time jobs at Westfield Stratford, you can expect to earn between £5.47 and £6.04 per hour, depending on the company you end up working for and the kind of work involved. Thanks to this exciting opportunity things are looking good for Stratford locals, so keep your ear to the ground and give yourself the best chance possible of finding part time jobs at Westfield Stratford this autumn.

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