Looking for part time jobs around SM2? Check this out

While many people are still putting their heart and soul into the search for full time work, an ever increasing number of people are instead looking toward the part time job market in order to get themselves back earning money that can tide them over until the country's financial problems have eased somewhat. There is certainly an awful lot of logic to this solution, after all it's much better to be out there and making money than it is to be sitting at home wondering what has gone wrong in your life.

Another important thing to remember is that large gaps in your CV will always stand out to potential employers, so rather than going unemployed for a year or two it makes much more sense to get yourself into any kind of job you possibly can to keep both you and your CV ticking over. An additional benefit of part time work is that you can focus on finding yourself a more suitable full time position during your days off.

Given that the retail sector is the biggest employer of part time staff in the United Kingdom these days, it makes perfect sense to focus your search on some of the major retailers in your search for part time jobs around the SM2 area. If you have any previous retail experience you could make between £6.20 and £6.70 per hour, but if you're coming in fresh you'll likely be stuck on minimum wage of £5.93 per hour.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to potential vacancies at Morrisons, ASDA and Tesco, each of which are located quite close to the SM2 area. The most common positions at these stores are as sales assistants and stacking shelves. They're far from the most glamorous jobs in the world but they'll certainly be enough to keep you going.


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