We take a look at some part time jobs in Aberdeen, UK for students

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Being a student isn't as easy a thing as some people might think. You need to have money for fees, books, food, rent and most importantly, socialising! Students need to work to keep their heads above water. Finding part time jobs in Aberdeen, UK for students can be relatively stress free as long as you're not too choosy with your position.

Most students tend to work in the hospitality sector. Aberdeen has lots of great opportunities if you decide to work within this industry. Hotels are your best place to start. There are many small guesthouses as well as larger hotel chains based in Aberdeen. Part time jobs as room cleaners, receptionists and waiters are a popular choice as little experience is required.

There are also many bars and clubs in Aberdeen. You can find hundreds of them throughout the city. Bars and clubs are popular choices with students as part time staff are usually required to work evenings and weekends. Keep in mind that Aberdeen has a very vibrant nightlife and you could be required to work late hours. You wouldn't want all those years of college work going to waste!

Fast food takeaways, cafes and restaurants are also plentiful within Aberdeen. Although the pay might not be great, you can expect to earn plenty of tips. A good waiter can earn nearly as much in tips as what they earn for a nights work.

We hope you find this guide useful when you start searching for part time jobs in Aberdeen, UK.

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