How to turn part time jobs into full time jobs!

Part time jobs provide short term income but can also lead onto longer term prospects. Here we provide 5 great tips for turning part time jobs into full time ones.

Make your intentions known

It might sound simple but the first step towards transforming part time into permanent positions is to discuss your aspirations. Whether with co-workers (especially if they’re already on the full time payroll) or even more crucially, management, let it be known how much you enjoy the job. Many casual workers are just in it for their pay cheques. If you take much more interest in the organisation this will be noticed.

Particular skills?

Rather than just performing your allotted task, keep an eye out for areas where there’s an obvious talent shortfall. This could be anything from giving the website some ‘zing’ or explaining how social media could boost a company profile, to providing extra language experience.

Sell yourself

If you’re serious about being considered for a full time role, demonstrate enthusiasm and offer suggestions. Employers will home in on staff displaying positive qualities. It’s far more efficient for them to recruit internally than go through the rigmarole of advertising vacancies.

Team player

Being a trusted team member is essential. If you become a valued part of an organisation, your employer might be reluctant to terminate your contract (and may well consider making it permanent).

Extra-curricular activities

Bond with your colleagues by attending social events. Join the company squash or cricket team - management will notice your team work!


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