Are you looking for a part time job in Warrington?

The options open to job seekers looking for a part time job in Warrington are immense. Vacancies can be found in every industry, but one of the biggest providers of part time jobs is the retail industry.

Part time retail jobs in Warrington are ideal for students and parents, who might not have many qualifications or experience, and are looking for a little extra spending money during the week. Most part time positions in the retail industry pay the minimum wage, but there are often discounts to be availed of with the store you're working for.

There are several shopping centres in Warrington that are worth keeping a close eye on when you're looking for part time jobs. Some of the most important shopping centres in Warrington include:

  • Golden Square Shopping Place - 27 Market Place
  • Cockhedge Shopping Centre - 17 - 18 Cockhedge Way
  • Warrington Retail Market - Bank Street
  • Birchwood Shopping Centre - 49 Dewhurst Road
  • Hatters Row - Horsemarket Street

There's also a large number of supermarkets in Warrington with part time job opportunities. Tesco have three stores in the city and Sainsbury's also have three stores. Both companies have a dedicated jobs section on their websites where you can scan through the latest vacancies and apply for positions.

If you don't think the retail industry is for you, then why not try the hospitality sector? There are countless hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs in Warrington with part time job opportunities. The minimum wage is, again, the standard rate, but can increase over time.

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