We check out the availability of part time job vacancies in Solihull

While it can be tricky to find any kind of work in the current economic climate, there are a number of ways that you can maximise your chance of finding part time job vacancies in Solihull that suit your previous work experience and education level. Our first tip is to ensure you don't make the same mistake as many other people by spending hours on end searching rudderlessly around the countless job sites on the internet.

While these are undoubtedly great resources, it is too easy to get bogged down in the search process, meaning that you don't spend enough time actually identifying the kind of work that really suits you. Instead we recommend that you take an alternative approach that should see you back in work in no time at all.

The clerical and administrative sector is an exciting one to be working in these days. The work is varied and you'll get to learn a number of exciting new skills. Whether your job is primarily focussed on creating or editing documents, or the storage and arrangement of data and files, you'll come face to face with a number of great challenges on a daily basis that will give you the experience you need to find a great full time position when the economy improves - plus you'll be able to earn between £7.15 and £8.38 an hour, depending on your level of experience.

So what do we recommend instead of searching for work online? Easy, we suggest you take a look at some of the great recruitment agencies in the Solihull area that can find you work placement in no time at all. We recommend that you start your search with Kale & Co Intelligent Recruitment (High Street), Next Agency (Hall Green), Plum Personnel (Warwick Road) and Office Angels (Station Road). These companies have the best reputations among former employees and employers alike, and will have no problem placing you in a suitable part time position.

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