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There are many reasons that you might decide to work part time. Some students do so to earn an extra few pounds or maybe you have a full time job but need to earn some extra cash to make ends meet. Whatever the reason, there are always part time job vacancies in Swansea to be filled.

First of all you need to know where to find part time job vacancies in Swansea. Newspapers such as the South Wales Evening Post can be a great place to find the latest jobs. Local radio stations also have bulletins throughout the day advertising the latest jobs. Check out Swansea Bay Radio or The Wave. You can also simply chance your luck and call into some local businesses with your CV.

The Mumbles in Swansea is a great place to find available jobs, especially in the summer. The Mumbles is one of the UK's best seaside villages with over 120 shops, restaurants and amusement centres.

There are so many places for you to drop a CV into. Many small local jewellery shops line the streets as do ice cream parlours and small coffee shops. You could also try for jobs closer to the pier. Numerous bars are in the area as are the main amusement arcades and crazy golf.

There are many more interesting places on The Mumbles for you to find work. Simply take a stroll through the village and see for yourself what you can find. Check out Mumbles.co.uk for more information on part time job vacancies in Swansea.

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