Find the best part time job vacancies in Newcastle upon Tyne

Given the fact that the United Kingdom's economy has still to fully recover from the effects of the global recession, it's not surprising that so many people struggle when it comes to finding work these days. It's not necessarily that they aren't qualified enough, or don't have enough previous work experience to make themselves eligible for the work in question, but in many cases it's simply down to not being able to find the position that's right for them, or coming up against huge amounts of competition that make it almost impossible for anyone to stand a chance.

This is something that we have seen repeated all around the country, however there is some good news for those of you searching for part time job vacancies in Newcastle upon Tyne. With the North East region being among the worst hit by the recession, it's good to learn that a number of the United Kingdom's most prolific employers of part time staff are once again showing their support for the region by hiring in large numbers.

As one of the biggest cities in the region, it's not surprising to learn that Newcastle upon Tyne features a large number of quality employers in the area, especially when it comes to part time retail based employers - traditionally the major employers in the part time job market.

Those of you searching for part time work should make Tesco (1 Trinity Gardens), The Co-Operative (117 Newgate Street), Morissons (Shields Road) and Sainsbury's (22 Gallowgate) your primary targets. These companies offer a wide range of positions, with wages starting at between £5.20 and £13.50 depending on the position and your prior experience, while also boasting an excellent track record for training their staff to the highest standards.

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