Part time job vacancies in Dublin

Part time job vacancies in Dublin come in many forms. However, it can be difficult to find the right job for you - and that's because part time vacancies aren't advertised in the same way that full time jobs are. To help you locate the best vacancies, we've rounded up the major industries in which to find part time work:

  • Hospitality jobs - hospitality is one of the major industries for part time employment. Lots of part time jobs involve working evening and weekends. The best way to find hospitality jobs is to call into the bar or restaurant with a copy of your CV and ask to talk to the manager. Hotels are a little different - the major ones will have a 'Work for us' section on their website.
  • Retail jobs - along with hospitality, the retail industry is the other main source of part time employment in Dublin. As you might expect, you'll find most opportunities clustered around the city centre (particularly Grafton Street and Henry Street) and in large shopping centres throughout the city. You might also want to consider part time retail jobs in Dublin airport - transport links are excellent and there's a large range of retail jobs available in both terminals.
  • Professional jobs - not all part time jobs are unskilled or casual in nature. Since the economic downturn, many companies have been looking for ways to save money. One way that they have gone about this is to turn previously full time roles into part time roles - creating some excellent opportunities for part time job hunters.


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