We can help you cut right to the chase in your part time job search in Harlow

One of the worst things about searching for a job is the countless hours you waste away each and every day searching for a position that is suitable for your needs and requirements. You'd have thought that things would be so much easier now with all these job sites available, unfortunately they have only served to make things more complicated if anything.

While it used to be a case that simply logging on to your favourite site could yield results in moments, nowadays you're going to need plenty of luck, a great CV and some local knowledge in order to speed up your part time job search in Harlow.

On the CV front, you can tidy yours up as well as learning some great hints and tips by checking out www.cvwriting.net. While you might be familiar with many of the best pieces of advice when it comes to compiling a professional quality CV, it's always important to keep up to date with the latest trends and preferences in the job search market, so we recommend you take a thorough look through the site in order to maximize your chances of getting that elusive interview.

Aside from that, we recommend that you focus your job search on the major part time recruitment hot spots in the Harlow area. Like most places, this means taking a look at your nearest ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons store. These companies have a high turnover in part time staff, especially during summer months as students move away from the area, so there's always going to be something there for you if you ask for an application form in store. Unfortunately, due to the casual nature of this work you can't expect to make much more than £5.50 per hour initially, but you could see this figure increase with time if you manage to impress.

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