Increase your chances with an efficient part time job search

A part time job search needs to be systematic. Get into a daily habit of searching in several different ways, to optimise your chances of finding a job quickly. We offer five quick tips.

  1. Identify the best local website for jobs. In many towns this will be Gumtree (gumtree.com). Their jobs classified section is particularly good for finding part-time or temporary jobs. The downside is that everybody knows this, so there is always going to be plenty of competition for the decent vacancies. Get into the habit of checking first thing in the morning, and whizzing in your application straight away.
  2. Supermarkets are often good places to find part-time work Check websites like tesco.com or asda.jobs for openings, or just approach the manager of your nearest store. Be personable, confident and adaptable. Even if there are no current vacancies, leave your name and contact details.
  3. For bar work, identify an area of town that has a high concentration of pubs and bars, and spend a morning or afternoon making a direct approach to as many as possible. This is more efficient and time-effective than making enquiries piecemeal.
  4. Consider signing up with an agency. Check parttimejobsagency.co.uk to see what kind of work might be available in your area, and details of pay and conditions.
  5. Make your part time job search proactive by advertising your services. Gumtree has a jobs wanted section, and most supermarkets and cafes will let you place a card on their notice-boards advertising your services. Even in the digital age, word-of-mouth can still be the most effective advertising.


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