How to successfully obtain part time job offers

In order to successfully obtain part time job offers, you need to begin putting in a significant amount of effort from the moment you telephone the organisation to request an application pack or when you submit your CV.

If applying for a job through an application form, ensure that it is filled out correctly, that all sections have been completed fully and that the form contains no spelling mistakes. Many application forms now need to be filled out online, and it can be easy for typing errors to appear. The form will usually comprise of several sections which chart your employment history, education, and a section to demonstrate your skills sometimes referred to as additional information.

For employment history, fill it out as fully as possible, and if there are any gaps in your employment provide reasons. However, if you were unemployed for a period of time, write in something like you undertook a training course or voluntary work. This shows employers that although unemployed, you used your time to the best effect.

In the education section list your qualifications in relation to the post that you are applying for. The most important part of the application form is the section at the back entitled additional information. This will take the longest to complete, and type it up in Word before transferring it onto your application form. Use the job description and person specification and try and relate each point listed to a task that you have completed, so for example if it asks for computer literacy, demonstrate how you use computers in your current role and state your achievements such as a qualification. Fill this section out fully and ensure that you proof read it before submitting your application.

Ensure that your CV is no longer than two pages in length and that it is submitted along with a comprehensive covering letter, which should be no longer than a page in length. Briefly outline your skills, experience and achievements in relation to the post for which you are applying.

If you obtain an interview, then it is up to you to create a good impression. Dress smartly and answer questions fully. Try to relate all answers to a task or responsibility you have had in your previous work history. Before the interview, undertake some research on the organisation so you are fully prepared if the interview panel ask whether you know anything about the company. Think of some questions to ask at the end, but not things in relation to pay or holidays. Follow these simple steps and you may just obtain that part time job offer you were hoping for.

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