We look at some of the best part time job agencies in London

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There are hundreds of job recruitment agencies in London, all offering different jobs throughout every sector that you can think of. Most agencies have both full and part time positions. Some of the best part time job agencies in London include the following:

Retail London Jobs - 42 Carnaby Street, London

This is an agency that specialises in fashion and the retail industry. They operate throughout the UK and have hundreds of vacancies in London. To register with them, you simply need to drop in and chat with one of their consultants. Candidates will receive job alerts as new jobs become available that suits them. Drop into their office or give them a call on 0208 679 6340. You can also visit their website at retaillondonjobs.com.

Reed Specialist Recruitment - 181 Victoria Street, Greater London

Reed are known worldwide and they offer a professional service to their candidates looking for jobs in a number of industries. They have part time jobs available in accountancy, banking, customer service, insurance and engineering to name just a few. You can call into any of their branches throughout London or you can have a look at their vacancies on their website at reedglobal.com.

Cater.com - Holden House, 57 Rathbone Place, London

This is one of the best part time job agencies in London for hospitality positions. They have thousands of vacancies at all times. You will find all sorts of jobs from waitress to head chef. Log onto their website where you can upload them your CV directly. Visit them at caterer.com.


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