How to find part time IT jobs in Dublin

There's good news for job seekers hoping to find part time IT jobs in Dublin - vacancies are on the increase.

What do part time IT job involve?

Part time IT jobs involve all the same duties and responsibilities as you would expect from full time IT jobs. Roles are diverse and the salaries and level of experience required varies according to the job specifications and the company.

It used to be that part time IT roles were used as a stepping stone into a full time career. These position often required less experience and qualifications and were therefore popular with IT students who hadn't yet graduated.

However, times have changed. Since the recession and the country's well-documented economic woes, many IT companies have has to look at ways to save money. One popular method has been to convert positions that were once full time into part time positions. The company hopes to draw the same experienced candidates as it would for full time roles.

Where are the best places to find part time IT jobs in Dublin?

Dublin West and other large business parks in the county play host to hundreds of companies - many of them in the IT industry. There is also good potential to find a role with small businesses in the city. These businesses may not require the services of a full time IT professional, so offer a part time opportunity.

IMB, Google and Facebook are just some of the many companies offering part time IT jobs in Dublin.


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