We look at opportunities for part time in Wokingham vacancies

Finding work these days is very much about being in the right place at the right time. While many people swear by the online search method, there is a growing school of thought that actually showing your face around well known employers of part time staff in the Wokingham area is as good a way to find work as any. You'll be more than a name on a CV, and you'll have the chance to strike up a raport with your potential employers - however without knowing where you stand the best chance of finding places that are hiring, your time might well be wasted.

In order to help you find part time in Wokingham vacancies, we have compiled this guide to the major part time employers in the area. You'll be able to supplement this with your own local knowledge in order to give you a massive advantage over other job hunters.

There are quite a few shopping centres within easy commuting distance of Wokingham, and we recommend that you start your search by looking at them as potential targets. You'll be able to choose from Broad Street Mall, Harris Shopping Arcade, Prices Mead, Oracle Shopping Centre, Princes Square Shopping Centre and Hart Shopping Centre giving you a huge amount of choices.

Each of these shopping centres boasts dozens of different stores and restaurants, so you should have no problem finding something that suits you. Since the retail sector is finally starting to pick up again after a bumpy time, you can expect to make between £5.14 and £5.68 per hour.

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