We can help you speed up your search for part time in Stoke on Trent vacancies

When looking for part time in Stoke on Trent vacancies we recommend you avoid the various internet job sites and instead use your local knowledge to give yourself the edge on the job hunt. With a number of great companies in the area who have a track record for hiring part time staff, you should be able to find something that suits you relatively soon.

Supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are a great source of part time work in Stoke on Trent. They have a reputation for treating their staff in a fair and just manner, and the pay is definitely in line with what you would expect to find in other sectors for entry level jobs especially. If you have no prior experience and are just going in looking for a casual job, you can expect to make in the region of £5.06 to £5.86 per hour.

The majority of positions working in this sector will be in the service line of things, often as a cashier . If you are not familiar with what's required of you working in this position, you'll need to scan and bag groceries while also dealing with payments from customers. The tills are automated for the most part these days, so a quick crash course from an experienced member of staff should be all you need in order to get to grips with the technology on offer.

One of the major perks in working with the great Stoke on Trent supermarket chains is that you'll have the possibility of changing over to full time work down the line should you impress your superiors, leaving the door open for a promising retail based career should you desire.

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