Looking to go part time in Stoke on Trent recruitment ?

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The job market is picking up nationwide and there is a particular increase in the number of people looking for part time work. Part time jobs in the Stoke on Trent recruitment market are very popular with many people looking to job share or just return to employment for some of the working week.

Stoke on Trent is a city in the Midlands, in the county of Staffordshire. Staffordshire is home to beautiful countryside and plenty of history for those interested in the outdoors and historical pursuits. Best known perhaps for the pottery industry,coal mining and steel working, Stoke on Trent has an industrial history. As a result it has good transport links both via road and rail and a large population, and therefore an improving job market.

The best known companies perhaps in Stoke on Trent are bet365 and Phones4U. Stoke on Trent has recently been named in a study by KPMG as the most cost effective city in the country in which to start up a new business. This is due in part to a combination of affordable business premises and the surrounding belt of affluent areas such as Stone, south Cheshire and the Peak District.

A good starting point for your search for part time jobs in Stoke on Trent recruitment agencies job search is the High Street where you should find establishments such as Adecco, Reed and Manpower. They usually require an initial consultation possibly with a typing test before adding you to their register. You can browse their websites to search for any vacancies in your chosen field as well as upload a CV. The local paper is also a brilliant source of part time job listings as are shop windows and often have fewer people applying for them too which gives you a better chance of snapping it up!

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