Looking for part time in Southport vacancies?

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Are you having trouble finding part time in Southport vacancies? There are lots of jobs available at the moment if you just know where to look for them. Some of the best sectors to find work in in Southport include:


There are always positions to be filled in the retail sector. Finding a job in retail is easiest if you simply print off your CV and take a walk through town handing them into shops that interest you. Retail is an excellent choice because usually you don't need too much experience to get a job. You could try in any of the supermarkets in town or you could check out the following shopping centres:

  • Marble Place Shopping Centre
  • Wayfarers Arcade on Lord Street
  • Cambridge Walks on Sharrock Street


This comprises cafes, restaurants, hotel, bars and clubs. Working in the hospitality sector means that you deal with people on a daily basis so you should have excellent communication skills. You should also be polite and friendly. Wages are usually around minimum wage but waiters and bar staff can earn very good tips if working on busy nights. Find these jobs advertised in local newspapers such as The Southport Reporter.

Telephone Agent

Telesales and aftercare service positions can regularly be found advertised online. Some customer service experience or office work is usually required. You should have an excellent telephone manner and be able to understand the needs of the customer. You can find these jobs advertised on websites such as:

  • jobisjob.co.uk
  • totaljobs.com

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