Want to work part time in Solihull? Find an employment opportunity here!

Employees wanting to work part time in Solihull may find an employment opportunity in an administrative position. Solihull has numerous small businesses and independent organisations, all requiring basic experience in administrative duties. Part time positions exist because the business is often small enough that full time help is not required. Part time workers may be able to negotiate their hours of work and special arrangements easier in a small business than in a large chain, because of the more family oriented feel and easier access to the owner or boss.

With fierce competition for jobs, how can job seekers stay ahead of other would-be employees and develop the skills needed to set themselves apart from other applicants?

Experience with Microsoft Office suite - such as Excel, Word and Outlook - and familiarity with other software systems, such as SAP and Oracle is a common requirement for many part time administrative and accounting positions in Solihull.

The Solihull job centre can help you build administrative skills through workshops and development classes. Visit the job centre - based at Park House 74 New Rd, Solihull, West Midlands B91 3DR - or call the centre at 0845 604 3719 to find out about the various options available for job seeker training. Also use the job centre to find out about part time jobs in Solihull or another employment opportunity.

Solihull college also offers training and adult education in business. Courses range from Legal Secretary certificates, HND BTEC and NVQ qualifications in business to undergraduate business degrees. Part time workers can also study part time around their job, to build skills for an eventual full time opportunity, and those looking without success for a part time job in Solihull can find an employment opportunity through the college's apprenticeship program.

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