We check out the best part time in Shrewsbury recruitment agencies

Finding a job is an awful lot more work than most people give it credit for. Many people fortunate enough to find themselves in stable jobs seem to think that getting a job is as straightforward as logging into one of the many online job sites, submitting your CV to a few places and starting work within a few days.

We know that that's simply not the case, but at the same time we do appreciate that there are many ways to make the whole process an awful lot easier. With that in mind we have built up this list of some of the best places to find yourself work in Shrewsbury.

There are an awful lot of people out there who swear by recruitment agencies, and we certainly can't argue with the huge number of success stories we hear about based around them. So we are aiming to make your life a little easier with these part time in Shrewsbury recruitment agencies.

Despite the fact that they take quite a hefty percentage of your wage each week, the fact that they are better positioned than most to find you solid part time work makes them well worth checking out. So if you've found the job search tough going, be sure to contact a few of the following companies to see what they can do for you.

Red Recruitment Solutions, 8 The Square, Shrewsbury, Tel: 01743 352 222, Web: www.redrecruitmentsolutions.co.uk

Retail Recruitment Solutions, Stafford Drive, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, Tel: 01743 454 975, Web: www.c2recruitment.com

Absolute Personnel, 19 Castle Gates, Shrewsbury, Tel: 01743 232 766, Web: www.absolutepersonnel.co.uk

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