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For a long time, it was very difficult to find part time in Oldham vacancies due to a severe downturn in the economy. Thankfully, things are slowly starting to get better and more jobs are becoming available all the time. Follow our advice and you should have no trouble in finding the latest jobs.

Your CV

Before setting out to look for part time in Oldham vacancies, have you checked that your CV is up to date and looking its best? Your CV paints a picture about you to a potential employer and they won't appreciate spelling or grammar mistakes on it. Also, make sure your CV is no more than two pages long.

Finding a job

Local media is usually the first place to start looking for job advertisements. The Oldham Chronicle is the best newspaper in the area for finding jobs. You might also choose to have a look online to see what jobs are on offer. We suggest you stick to websites that specialise in part time jobs. Check out ukparttimejobs.co.uk.

You might also choose to print out CVs and take a walk around the shops handing them into places that you would like to work in. This can be the quickest way of finding employment. Spindles Town Shopping Centre is a great place to start as they have loads of shops and restaurants under one roof.

So what are you waiting for? Double check your CV now, apply to jobs online tonight and tomorrow you could have an interview!

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