Part time jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne have vacancies for the right people

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In Newcastle upon Tyne over a third of the workforce is employed in the public sector. This has helped to soften the impact of the recession on the city. Together with large companies, involved in a broad range of knowledge-intensive businesses, and a growing tourism and cultural industry, they are creating part time jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne with vacancies.

Major employers in Newcastle include Sage, Greggs and Northern Rock. Office, service and retail employment contribute significantly to the economy. Nottingham City Council is also a major employer in the area.

Jobseekeers can log on to the council's website to see details of current part time vacancies. They advertise jobs from cleaners to school assistants and they supply information on how to apply for the jobs listed, including an on-line application form.

The retail sector in Nottingham provides a large number of part time jobs. The city is home to many large shopping centres and major department stores including, Fenwick and Marks and Spencer.

Students continue to spend money in Newcastle despite the recession. Each year over 40,000 students enroll in Newcastle's two universities bringing in an estimated £900 million a year to the city's economy and creating a multitude of part time vacancies.

Heavy investment in the city has seen the development of new tourist attractions such as Sage Gateshead, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Theatre Royal. All these venues provide part time work in the area.

Part time jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne have vacancies across a diverse range of businesses. The city also has a large number of sporting venues from football grounds to greyhound tracks, all of which require a share of part time workers.

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