We check out some part time in London recruitment agencies

One of the main problems that most people seem to have with the modern day job search is the fact that it just seems to take so long. No matter how you try to scale it back or streamline it, things can often get out of hand resulting in you spending hours every day clicking aimlessly through job sites unsuccessfully searching for the job of your dreams.

The main problem with the search process many people undertake these days is the fact that they put far too much focus on the online job sites. They definitely do offer a solid service, but with so many people using them these days it can be almost impossible to have anything even close to success.

Instead, we recommend that you check out some of the excellent part time in London recruitment agencies that can help you to find a great part time job to suit your skills, previous experience and personal requirements in a matter of weeks rather than months.

These agencies predominantly place staff in clerical positions, so any experience you have there would be ideal in helping to speed things up. However even if you have never worked in an office before, you can show that you have the necessary traits by emphasising the fact that you have a great telephone manner, are organised, punctual, have a good memory and are comfortable using computers. If you can tick all these boxes you should be able to find placement in a part time clerical position earning you around £6.40 per hour.

If you're not sure which recruitment agencies to use, we suggest getting in contact with the following; Blue Arrow (69 Buckingham Palace Road), Abbey Recruitment (18 James Street) and Robert Walters (55 Strand).


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