We check out some of the best potential part time in Limerick vacancies

Due to the fact that the Irish economy has gone through some of the toughest times it has ever experienced in recent years, the general consensus is that there are very few jobs available out there, no matter what industry you're in or level of experience that you can bring to the table.

However, there are a number of great part-time vacancies available working within the retail sector for those of you who have previous experience in the field, or a personality that is perfectly suited to the type of work you will be expected to carry out.

The majority of part time in Limerick vacancies available within the retail sector tend to be entry-level sales assistant roles. In these positions, it is very important that you have a friendly outgoing personality, an excellent telephone manner, helpful nature, the ability to work and on your own initiative, a good head for numbers, the ability to know how to deal with tricky situations and the desire to succeed.

The majority of your work will involve serving customers at the cash register. If you have never worked in retail before, training on the cash register system will be given to you when start your job. Don't worry, they are very straightforward to use so you should have no problem picking things up very quickly.

Identifying where to apply for retail positions in Limerick is actually quite easy. Simply look at the major employers in the area, and ask yourself which ones are most likely to have vacancies. We recommend you check out some of the shopping centres in the area, as the high volume of stores in close proximity to each other present you with a unique opportunity to focus your search on a small area while applying for dozens of jobs.

If you're not familiar with the locations of these shopping centres, we recommend you check out the Crescent Shopping Centre on the Dublin Road, and Arthurs Quay Shopping Centre which can be found on Arthurs Quay, strangely enough.


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