Part time work in Limerick - an employment opportunity now available

Part time work in Limerick is an employment opportunity that many people have been seeking out for a few years now. There was a serious lack in these kind of opportunities up until recently. The recession hit hard and a lot of people shut up shop and left. Now though things seem to be picking up again and the possibility of getting part time work is high.

The best way to go about finding these vacancies is to hit up a decent jobsite, go to a recruitment agency and check the local paper. This is a great way to get a decent overview of everything available at the time.

Websites like 'Part Time Jobs' have great facilities to help make finding that perfect part time job a lot easier. They have some great tools and search systems in place to make finding the work a lot easier.

Another great resource is FAS. FAS are always set on helping get people out of work into employment. You just go into your local FAS and fill in a few papers so they can help find something to suit you. They will email you any vacancies that they think would suit and you can take them if you want to.

Be sure to sign up with Addeco. Addeco are the leading recruitment agency in Limerick. They will get you into a job as soon as they have something to suit your skillset.

Of course there are always the regulars if you are just looking for temp work. Companies like Superquinn, Dunnes, Pennys, Clancys and other such Irish owned businesses are always looking for part timers so check them out too.

There you have it, you should have no problem finding part time work in Limerick - an employment opportunity is within your grasp.

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